April 6, 2015



Albert Guadan is a
market disruptor, also known as
the Hempcrete Guru


ALBERT-GUADAN-Market-Disruptor-HempCrete-ADPSR-Architects-Designers-Planners-for-Social-Responsibility-Contemporary-Jewish-Museum Hi folks,

hempcrete, is very green.
Hempcrete is a mason mixture using Hemps carbon located at the base of the trunk called hurd. The carbon accelerates petrifaction with lime.

Green Materials are in most demand today, the World is at the edge of extinction.
Did you know Earth is the last living planet?

You better start thinking about Carbon Negative building materials.
Buildings alone use over 40% energy consumed just to keep its climate control.
Hempcrete is very stable, and will naturally keep fluctuation of temperature change stable.

i think of Hempcrete as insulation buffer

Today banks are sluggish to loan mortgages, let alone a Hemp Mortgage. if your a green home under-writer and want to process Hempcrete Homes ? call Albert @ +1-916-943-Hemp





Here is a photo back in 2014 i presented HempCrete commercially in one of the most respected show; ADPSR-Architects-Designers-Planners-for-Social-Responsibility HempCrete Guru

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